How the launch of Starfield could change things for Star Citizen

Originally revealed in 2012, Star Citizen It was developed a decade ago, but is a far cry from its ambitious plans. However, we’ve never had a game in the industry that could challenge Star Citizen In any aspect yet.

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When it comes to Star CitizenRealism is always the top priority, something you hardly find in a game like No Man’s Sky. until starfield Doesn’t seem to be a direct match for Star Citizenbut the fact that starfield closer to reality than No Man’s Sky Makes it the closest game to Star Citizen Which we’ve seen so far!


So, the question is, does Cloud Imperium Games feel any pressure now starfield Almost 12 months at all? Could Chris Roberts and his team get pushed to announce a beta release window for Star Citizen In the near future?

The launch of Starfield is a big win for Star Citizen fans

Lack of competition always leads to laziness. Not to say that Star Citizen Developers are lazy, but when you have a competitor and you feel threatened to lose your community, you have to work better and more seriously, and that’s really a win for Star Citizen Fans even if they are not interested in it starfield.

after every thing, Star Citizen Fans are space lovers, and they won’t miss the chance to explore the vast world starfield Just because it’s not an MMO or it has less realistic visuals than Star Citizen. Therefore, it is almost certain that Star Citizen You will lose part of its active players when starfield Launches in 2023. Regarding the fact that starfield Seems like a game you could enjoy for months, it could put additional pressure on the developers of Star Citizen.

Now, the best way to get these kidnapped players back is to send new content to Star Citizen. If there is nothing new in Star Citizen To explore, then why should you leave a new game full of surprises and puzzles to come back for a predictable and recurring experience?


But… Starfield’s launch could slow down Star Citizen’s funding

For now, if you want a realistic space adventure in an open world with stunning visuals, there is no better choice than Star Citizen For you to test it out, which costs about $60.

However, when someone in 2023 tries to have a similar experience, they will probably prefer lowering their realistic expectations a bit and having a fully released game like starfield Than to struggle with incomplete experience with errors and malfunctions, unless they want absolute realism.

So, it’s safe to say that Star Citizen He will also feel the financial pressure, although the development team has already raised More than 470 million dollars Until now. As the funding process slows, Cloud Imperium Games may need to source resources from third-party companies, which could result in it losing more control over game development and initial ambitions.

Star Citizen

The next few years could include some key moments in the entire history of Star Citizen

Now this Star Citizen Has a competitor for the first time ever, it’s hard to predict the developers’ reaction to starfieldbut we can probably expect a big CitizenCon for this year or 2023.

naturally, Star CitizenIts development plan has its own pace and schedule, but a major move from Cloud Imperium to maintain community trust would be a reasonable reaction to starfieldrelease.

As Todd Howard revealed, starfield It’s supposed to feature over a hundred star systems, while Star Citizen He has only one star system at the moment. I know that the size of the planets in Star Citizen It is life size, but what if starfield Managed to tackle it or approach it? Besides, we know that starfield She will use her imaginative ideas to give more life to her planets.

There is a high potential for the situation to worsen for Star Citizen where there is the same probability of starfieldbut Cloud Imperium managers are sure to be thinking about their future plans for now.

No matter what happens in the end, competition has always proven to be a great way to improve, which will benefit players the most!

Star Citizen Now available on PC in alpha. on the other side, starfield Will be available on Xbox Series X | S and PC in 2023.

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