The Kingdom Hearts director stated that Disney was happy to add Sora to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Longtime Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Disney was more than wonderful by adding Sora to it Super Smash Bros. As the game’s ultimate DLC fighter. When adding Sora to Smash Ultimate It was announced, many fans were shocked, in large part because it was believed that Disney did not want him to appear in the game for various reasons. Despite this popular belief, Nomura has now revealed that he had possible concerns about Sora coming to the Nintendo fighting game.

In a recent discussion with detective gameNomura opens up about his own feelings when Sora arrives Super Smash Bros.. Overall, Nomura said he was very happy that the collaboration ended together, but he also admitted that he was very cautious about seeing Sora come to Smashing.

“Obviously, I was very happy that we were able to share Sora Smash Bros. Ultimate. Most reactions when he was Sora [announced] for Smash Bros. Ultimate It was, “I can’t believe Disney is okay with being in this game.” Behind the scenes, I was actually the picky person about appearing in it Smash Bros.Nomura said. Disney was like, ‘Go! This is a great opportunity.’ I thought it would be difficult to pull out because it might go against the long-established traditions of the Kingdom Hearts and Disney worlds, so it was an opportunity that I had to consider very carefully.After seeing how happy everyone was in welcoming Sora Smash Bros.I feel the end result was really great.”

It’s so funny to hear Nomura admit to the many fan theories people had about including Sora in Super Smash Bros., especially regarding Disney’s involvement, it wasn’t true. It’s funny to hear him admit that he was the one who was hesitant about the whole idea in the first place. However, it is good to see that Nomura was pleased with the result, as were so many other fans around the world.

Are you surprised to hear that Disney was so easy to work with to get Sora Super Smash Bros.? Let me know either down below in the comments or message me on Twitter at Trustworthy.


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