Creator Boys spark “Apocalypse Event” in a series of Homelander events

boys Only in the middle of its third season, and Prime Video has already renewed it for a fourth set of episodes. When Eric Kripke and his writer’s room get ready to begin the conclusion of the main series, fans can expect a great scene from Homelander Anthony Starr. The main antagonist of the series began to crumble during the first half of the series boys Season 3 and Kripke suggest that this is only the beginning for the character.

In a recent interview, the writer said to WGA Articles. This is how the book knows – and Anthony [Starrr] A big part of that is too—that eventually, when the streak reaches its climax, this guy is going to be a complete sociopath, and he needs to be stopped before some kind of horrific event occurs. That’s what we’re building towards.”

The horrific event has yet to be seen, but Kripke added that he and the Chamber have already begun to lay the groundwork for a move in that direction in subsequent seasons.

“So the question, when do you come back to that as a writer [is] And what are the fences that prevent him from that? Who is he, as a person, not to go and destroy the world today? What are the things he needs? Then how do we slowly peel those off one by one, after another?

Kripke concluded that it was not so much character development as deconstruction, given that they slowly reduce the Homelander into a sociopath, which is indomitable.

The writer continued, “So, he is not developing as much as he is. For now, he still needs love. He still needs the adoration of his fans and the endorsement and love of his son.” “There are all these things that he asks for, if he becomes a real monster he wouldn’t have. So we spend all seasons teaching him that he doesn’t need these things one by one, one by one. And then once he finally realizes that he doesn’t want love or approval from any Person, this is clearly when the big final game begins.”

The first four episodes of boys Season 3 is now streaming on Prime Video. New episodes scheduled for release every Friday.

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