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Elvis Presley is getting the biographical treatment again this month in Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, Elvis. The film tells the story of the king of rock and roll from his inception as a rock icon until his tragic death.

But while he’s often seen as an outgoing rock deity, the singer didn’t even want to leave his Graceland bedroom in his later years.

After spending years performing in Las Vegas, Elvis wanted his hand at some of the more serious acting roles, as well as Hollywood movie productions. But when Ginger Alden met and fell in love with him, everything changed for him. He proposed to a 21-year-old beauty and they planned to get married sometime in the future. It looked as if Elvis was on the verge of settling down forever.

But Ginger later clarified how not everything was perfect for the couple.

“When I visited Graceland,” she revealed. “We actually stayed upstairs for a bit.”

Ginger noted that the ground floor of Graceland had always been very crowded. Not only does the Memphis mafia populate the area with their wives and families, but she said the employees usually bring in “dates or friends.”

“[Elvis] He’ll say he doesn’t want to go down then,” she explained. But his reservations didn’t stop there.

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Ginger remembered the emotional moment he had finally proposed to her.

He told her, “Ginger, I’ve been looking for love for so long, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d find it in my own backyard. I was 60 percent happy and 40 percent happy, but never 100 percent happy. I’ve loved before but I I’ve never been in love. Ginger, I ask you, will you marry me?”

She remembered: “Elvis pulled his hand around his back. In it was a little green velvet chest. Almost overpowered by emotion, my voice trembled: ‘Yes, I could.'” “

I also meditated on their “intense” relationship.

Ginger said Elvis wanted her to “know almost everything about him” in a short amount of time. As if he knows that his days are numbered.

“I felt like I had found my soul mate,” she said. “My hand was trembling as we kissed and walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom. My hand was still trembling as he lifted it to look at the ring and said, ‘Boy.'”

A few months later, on August 16, 1977, Elvis died at his home in Graceland of a heart attack.


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