Kevin Spacey received some good news at his UK sexual assault hearing

The #MeToo movement changed Hollywood and other industries forever, as powerful figures were held accountable for toxic and abusive behavior. Apart from Harvey WeinsteinOne of the biggest stories that helped launch this movement came in the form of various allegations against it house of paper Actor Kevin Spacey. it was recently Multiple accounts accused of sexual assault In the UK, though, Spacey recently received some good news about these cases.

After actor Anthony Rapp claimed That Kevin Spacey made progress in his life when he was 14, a number of other defendants have come to allege accidents by the 62-year-old actor. While some of these lawsuits have since been dropped, Raab’s case remains open. While he is expected to appear in court in the United Kingdom Limit He revealed that he has been released on unconditional bail by Southwark Crown Court and will therefore be able to travel back and forth from the US at his spare time.

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