Scream has added 6 arrow stars and more to its vast squad

After hitting Ghostface again early this year for the fifth time in Screamthe franchise is set to continue further Next horror movie of privilege. shout 6 Already starting to choose a mix of familiar and modern faces, recent updates include a lot of fresh blood, including Arrow star, to continue to fill the film crew.

Josh Segara, who memorably played Adrian Chase, aka Prometheus, primarily Arrow Season 5 (as well as guest spots in Seasons 6 and 8) will be part of shout 6 Cast along with three new members, each Limit. The others are relatively newsworthy names. Jack Champion, who is set to star in the upcoming James Cameron movie symbol picture Movies, including December water road Beside light as a feather Performed by Liana Liberato and Sneakerella shoesDevin Nikoda, they are all now part of the cast.

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