The board game crowdfunding campaign is in effect

Crowdfunding campaign for a new board game based on Umbrella Academy Vivid comic book series. Earlier this week, Mantic Games launched a crowdfunding campaign for Umbrella Academy: Board Game, A A cooperative board game featuring characters from the popular comic book series written by My chemical romance Striker Gerard Way and star artist Gabriel Ba. We will note that Mantic Games had previously launched a Kickstarter campaign for this game in March, but canceled it after a few days.

in Parachute Academy: Backgammon, Players choose a member of the Umbrella Academy, each with their own unique abilities and capabilities. Players team up with their siblings to thwart the apocalypse by traveling to locations to collect perk cards or place battle tokens that modify abilities. In the end, players will enter the final battle, which will pit them against any villain trying to destroy the world during the mission. Players win the game if they can defeat the villain, but lose if they fail to remove enough stakes from the board or die while facing the villain. Each villain offers its own ups and downs, providing even more replayability.

Parachute Academy: Board Game It is the first game published by Mantic Games’ new dedicated board game division. While Mantic Games has published other board games before (most notably Hellboy: The Board Game), Mantic has opened an entire section dedicated to publishing and supporting board games.

A £70 (about $85) pledge comes with the Collector’s Edition, which includes the base board game along with two expansions. As of the time this news broke, Gamefound’s campaign for . has begun Parachute Academy: Board Game It raised £27,619 and exceeded its initial target of £25,000. You can check out the full campaign here.


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