Instagram Insights is not working for users like many error messages have been reported

Instagram appears to be down on June 21 as several people come forward and report that their Instagram insights are not working and they are getting an “error has occurred”.

This isn’t the first time users have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment. Over the past couple of days, the platform has had some issues.

The news about the stats comes a day after it was reported that the Explore page had been reset for some users.

Instagram Insights Not Working

On June 21, several users took to Twitter after noticing that they had not received any insights into their latest posts.

The message they were receiving was observed: “An unexpected error occurred. You are receiving this error because something went wrong while loading the screen. Press the retry button to try again.”

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However, retry doesn’t seem to make a difference as many people are still having this issue.

At the moment, Instagram has not released a statement regarding this matter. However, since many people are facing this issue, it can be said that it looks like a glitch.

Users previously reported experiencing other issues

The news about the low thoughts comes a day after people reported that their exploration p[agehadbeenautomaticallyreset][العمرقدتمتإعادةضبطهتلقائيًا[agehadbeenautomaticallyreset

Most of the time, the posts you see on the Explore page are based on the content you normally interact with on the platform. However, some users note that they have seen posts about nature.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened. Back in 2020, people reported a similar issue. Two hours after this happened, their feed was back to normal.

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Is there anything you can do?

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do at the moment. Since many people are facing a similar issue, this is probably a bug that needs to be fixed from the end of Instagram.

One can expect things to return to normal within a couple of hours or a day. So far, no official confirmation has been released from Instagram.

In other news, why does Instagram only show suggested posts in your feed

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