I test running shorts for a living, and these are the best pair for summer

As a marathon runner and fitness editor, I hate a bad pair of running shorts, and believe me, I’ve tested a lot of them. There are the pairs that ride while you move, the pairs that leave your thighs exposed and cause painful chafing, and the shorts that slip off your waist as you run, forcing you to lift them up at every light stop.

After more than five years of testing women’s running shorts for a living, I’ve landed on the perfect pair – the Lululemon Fast and Free Shorts. If you are the type of runner who wears Best gym leggings Year round for fear of chafing, I have good news – the best summer running shorts for running are here, and they are on sale.

right Now Lululemeon Fast and Free Shorts Only $34 (Opens in a new tab)which is 50% off and much before Prime Day.

I’ve been wearing Lululemon Fast and Free Shorts for the past 4 years – I’ve worn them for 4 different marathons and for over hundreds of training miles and have had no complaints. The shorts have a cycling-style cut, and are designed to sit tight against the skin like Best lululemon leggings an act. They have a comfortable high waistband, which sits just above your belly button, and a continuous drawcord, which really allows you to pull the waistband tight to your stomach to keep the shorts from slipping, but it won’t disappear into the shorts during the wash. Machine.

Every runner will know the importance of pockets on a decent pair of running shorts. Good pockets will allow you to leave a file The phone holder is on At home and out for a getaway without distraction. The free, quick shorts have seven pockets – a large drop pocket on each leg which is big enough for most smartphones (I have an iPhone 11 and it fits perfectly) and a gel or two, then five pockets on the waistband.

The waist pockets don’t have a zipper, but unless you’re planning on somersaulting mid-run (hey, you do), you should be fine. I often put my keys, credit card, and SPF lip balm in my waistband pockets, and I’ve never had a problem with anything slipping out of pockets when running. The only problem is that, since there are so many, I have a tendency to over-fill them, which has made me look like a donkey with saddle bags in my photos, but nobody looks good in these photos, right?

At the time of writing, the shorts come in two different leg lengths – eight inches and 10 inches. Lululemon has definitely made six inches before, as there’s nothing at five feet, which is my go-to, although the eight sits at the lower end of my thigh, just above my knee, which is helpful in a sweaty run and really prevents thigh chafing . The fabric is soft against the skin, and keeps away from the body well, so you’ll never feel overly hydrated while running. The shorts are completely squat resistant, so you can wear them to the gym or to a HIIT class without worrying.

Even if your size isn’t on sale, these are well worth the investment in training this summer and after – I’ve been wearing the same pair for years and they haven’t wobble, run around, or get that awful gym several stinky. My relationship with these running shorts has lasted longer than some of my friends, and like any good relationship, I have complete confidence in quick, free shorts—I know I can focus on making new PR for the marathon, not whether or not my pants ride up to my thighs.

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