Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Season title may have been revealed

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary season, which will follow two excellent seasons of Power Rangers Dino Fury. Not much is known other than rumors at this point, but there have been some reports that big names from the past will be involved in the new season. Now we may know the name of the upcoming Power Rangers season thanks to a new report from energy scoop, who discovered in their espionage a name that attacked season 30 of the show. That title is Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, and while nothing has been confirmed, fans are quickly positioning two seasons of Sentai as potential candidates to adapt to this title.

We know the season will begin filming soon thanks to Alpha Action Stunts, the team behind the show’s 2nd Unit Ranger stunts. They posted some glimpses of the in-development diversion sequence that was quickly deleted, though fans have taken screenshots (courtesy of PwrRngr).

So, we know it’s close to filming and there may be a working address attached. The titles of the work can obviously be changed at any time, but nevertheless, Cosmic Fury is interesting in that it probably hints at a more cosmic or sci-fi Sentai adaptation. The top two contestants appear to be Kyuranger and Kiramager, seasons 44 and 41 respectively. Other chapters have been excluded as possible theories, but these two probably stand above the rest.

Kyuranger is famous for its large number of Rangers, which have 12 Rangers in total. This was a common aspect to point out regarding not being adapted by the Power Rangers, but the adaptation may not have been as far-fetched as we thought. On the other hand, Kiramager features 6 Rangers in total, although both include stories to defend or liberate Earth from an opposing force. True, you can say that about a lot of Power Rangers seasons.

We’ll have to wait and see if any of these wind up or we’re looking at some sort of merging of the original footage with other seasons. Cosmic Fury aligns with the Dino Fury name approach, so it seems like a natural progression, and while I’d be rooting for Kyuranger, either one of the options would be to win.

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