Top Gun Maverick director has a funny story about how he and Tom Cruise put together some crazy pilot footage of the fighter into the movie

right Now, A lot of people have seen it Top Gun: Maverick Witnessed the wonderful movement of the fighter plane presented by the film. In the lead-up to the movie, we’ve heard a lot about the movie’s commitment to practically getting that shot, and the work that Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast have done, in order to make it happen. Director Joseph Kosinski previously spoke about how to do this and, perhaps most importantly, why it was necessary.

A big part of the reason Top Gun: Maverick There is a need to use real planes It is, of course, the only way Tom Cruise would have directed the movie. know about him Cruz’s commitment to realism and director Joseph Kowalski, after Previously directed cruise in amnesiaKnow that this is the case. Furthermore, Kosinski told CinemaCon audience earlier this year that the film not only needed action shots, but it needed to be better than what is already available in the world. The manager explained…

I’ve made movies with Tom before, so I knew that not only is he able to do anything in that movie, it’s a basic requirement that it be as realistic and realistic as possible. So I knew that was one of the key parts that a movie had to be that way. I’ve seen these YouTube videos of Navy pilots putting on Go Pro cameras and sticking them in their parachutes and shooting just on their training ground. And you know, it was just done with Go Pro online. It was amazing. It was better than anything I’ve seen in the movie regarding antennas. So I explained it to Tom and said, “This is free online. If we can’t beat this, there’s no point in making this movie.”

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