London National Gallery plans Van Gogh Blowout – and more art news –

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shorter list. The Smithsonian she has Narrowed down potential locations for the future National Latin American Museum And the Smithsonian Museum of American Women’s HistoryThe Washington Post reports. Of the more than twenty that were originally proposed, there are still four: three undeveloped parts of national centerand one is Arts and Industries Buildingwho was also in the race to house National Museum of African American History and Culture . (This instead got the custom building he designed David Adjaye, Which Greg Tate review for ARTnews in 2017.) Under legislation passed by Congress, Smithsonian Board of Regents Until the end of the year for the selection of sites.

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Vivian Hewitt, important collector of black art, He passed away late last month At the age of 102 in Manhattan, The New York Times reports. with her husband, John Hewitt Jr.who died in 2000, compiled a collection of hundreds of works that included Romarie BeardenAnd the Henry Osawa TannerAnd the Elizabeth Catlett, and lesser known characters. Remarkably, she and her husband did this while working respectively as librarian and professor (and then journalist). The Harvey B. Center. Gantt African American Arts and Culture In Charlotte, North Carolina, they received 58 items purchased before NationsBank. Besides being a devoted collector, Hewitt was pleased to associate with artists. “You brought us together,” Ann Tanksley He told the newspaper.


Antique articles. First, the good news: archaeologists have A 500-year-old tomb dating back to the Inca era was found While digging under a working-class home in central Lima, Peru, Reuters reports. Now the bad: the fires raging in Arizona Native American artifacts at riskaccording to Washington PostIn Iraq, a dam is currently under construction The ancient city of Assyria may be submerged Displacing 250,000 people, according to some experts, art newspaper reports.

is moving. Sebastian CecucchiChief Mayor of Warsaw Museum of Modern ArtAnd the will sponsored next one Eva International Biennial in Ireland, in 2023, art review Reports and Chelsea Pierce It was Amen his name For modern and contemporary art in Chrysler Museum of Art In Norfolk, Virginia, per everyday art.

Next year a London trader Timothy Taylor She will open a 6,000-square-foot space in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, which galleries have flocked to in recent years. It will replace the modest-sized townhouse that Taylor has been working in Chelsea since 2016. [ARTnews]

As part of the bicentennial celebrations in 2024, National Gallery In London it will present some of its most prized artworks for the first time, with works MonetAnd the RenoirAnd the policemanet al are landing at 12 institutions across the UK. [BBC News]

More news about National GalleryBicentennial 2024: You will organize a major Vincent van Gogh An exhibition focusing on the artist’s time in Provence, France, with no fewer than 50 works. It is said to be Van Gogh’s biggest show in the country since Royal AcademyA popular 2010 outing. [The Art Newspaper]

Cardiff twice a year, based in Wales Artis Mundi The award, which honors socially engaged artists and comes in at £40,000 (about $48,800), selected its most recent shortlist: Rushdy AnwarAnd the Carolina CaicedoAnd the Alia FaridAnd the Naomi Rincon GallardoAnd the Taloy HaveniAnd the Nguyen Trinh ThiAnd the Munira Al Solh. [ArtReview]


Hong Kong is marking The 25th anniversary of its delivery from Britain to China next month, and South China Morning Newspaper has an advantage over How has the art scene changed at that time?– And how it has changed in just the past few years. “I can’t begin to think back to the good old days of attending cocktail openings Basel art A week and so on,” one artist told the newspaper. “How can we go back to that when the traumas of 2019 aren’t dealt with, and memories of Wan Chai’s tear gas, outside the art gallery and auction venue, are still alive?” [SCMP]

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