Super Hero takes fans on a tour of Piccolo’s house

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Set to hit cinemas in North America on August 19, with Shonen already hitting theaters in Japan telling the story of Gohan and Piccolo with the Red Ribbon Army and the latest android devices. With several spoilers coming to the movie online thanks to its release in Japan, the franchise is giving fans an inside look at Piccolo’s home, the former home of the Demon King that is introduced in the movie where some Namekian is set to see major changes as a result of this story.

Piccolo was a character inside Dragon Ball A franchise that has probably changed a lot compared to many other heroes and villains that have appeared over the decades. He first appeared as an ancient demon king who was seeking world domination and had no trouble eliminating anyone in his path, and since then the Namekian has merged with his older self, Kami, and has worked to protect the Earth thanks to the positive influence of Gohan’s son. With Super Hero marketing material showing that Piccolo is about to receive a new makeover, the next movie in the series is sure to have a huge impact on the future of Dragon Ball across the board.

Twitter Outlet DBS Chronicles shared this new inside look at Piccolo’s house, with Namekian reportedly set to get the lion’s share of screen time as the Red Ribbon Army strives to eliminate Z-Fighters with the help of the latest android devices known as Gamma 1 and Gamma 2:

Currently, in pages Dragon Ball Super Manga, Goku, and Vegeta fight against Heeters as part of Granolah The Survivor Arc, with Z-Fighters seeing some big changes when it comes to transformations like Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego respectively. While the Shonen franchise has confirmed that a new anime project is in the works, details regarding the story of this new project are still up in the air as to whether it will be a new movie or if the TV series is planning a comeback.

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