‘Can’t you love him?’ About Giffords Circus: Review | theater | entertainment

Tweedy the Clown stars as “Tweedy Gonzales” and joins Frida Kahlo’s Mexican comedian and comedian Adriana Duch Carvallo in awful makeup and a Perma smile that lights up the tent.

Old and new acts include the Havana Circus’ tireless acrobatic flinging each other in the air with great skill, a prop of female antenna riders raised high from their hair, and a white-knuckle knife-throwing operation.

These are circus acts with proper acting, clowns who are actually funny, and a band that can play almost any kind of music. All in an authentic village circus created by a family for families. Can’t you love him?

Chiswick House and Gardens until 27 June, UK tour until 19 September. Tickets: 01453 800200

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