The director of the black phone reveals the movie scene he was asked to tell

Director Scott Derrickson has pushed the boundaries in the horror world for years, presenting audiences with all kinds of disturbing visuals, but recently hinted at a single sequence in his latest movie. black phone Which has seen many requests removed. While the movie itself has some disturbing elements that explore elements often found in horror projects, the scene in question was actually an encounter that depicted more of the realistic horror that victims experience on a daily basis. It was precisely because of this real-world connection that Derrickson knew he should be kept in the movie. black phone In theaters now.

Warning: Minor spoilers for the black phone below

Lots of plot black phone The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) focuses on child abduction, but early in the movie, we learn that Gwen (Madeleine McGraw) has been physically abused by her father (Jeremy Davis). The sequence in question sees her father whip Gwen with a belt.

Share Derrickson with disgusting. “There were some people involved in the movie who asked me to direct the movie, and I said to myself, the movie won’t work without it.” I was adamant, he’s there to show the shock [Gwen and her brother] Dealing with my day, but also their bond. You feel about them and how they care about each other and get back together in this scene. But at the same time, there was a way to do this scene that would alienate everyone.”

Horror fans are often happy to see horrific and shocking scenes of violence on screen, but in the case of family abuse, Derrickson meticulously crafted the sequence to get its message across to viewers without being exploitative.

“I chose the location because I knew I didn’t want to see actual skin. I wanted the audience to feel that more than actually, seeing it happen,” the director detailed. “The vast majority of it happens behind the desk. You don’t see it happen. You feel it more in Jeremy Davis’ performance and his anger and what you hear from Gwen. Then when Gwen stands up again, she doesn’t. She gets whipped again. That’s the scariest part.” Emotionally speaking in the scene. The most disturbing part of the scene, what people think of as the whipping scene, is the second scene when she’s not being flogged, but when he scolds her. God bless Madeleine. Her performance in that scene was so honest, so raw, and real” .

black phone In theaters now.

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