The 10 deadliest moments have been rated in The Boys Herogasm Episode

Spoilers follow up on the last episode of The Boys! It’s been talked about for years, and proudly a horrifying content warning at the top of the episode, Amazon Prime video adapted from The Boys finally showed its first “Herogasm” episode. Filled with debauchery and plenty of brutal sex, nudity, and visual effects, it’s something that fans of the show have been shocked by what they see. We can’t really show any of them here looking at the content, but we’ve put together a list of the 10 craziest and brutal moments from the episode complete with fan reactions to each one.

“We knew how clear it was because [The Boys] Eric Kripke, creator of the series, said he really tries to present things as they would in real life Nerdist about the episode. “A massive superhero orgy would see a lot of nudity and sex work. And then we added in all our boys frenzy of hovering vibrators and ice dildos and all the craziness that we do. When you start to get into the logistics of it, it’s horrifying. It’s pretty scary. You bring in dozens and dozens of People who are going to be exposed to nudes and mimic sexual acts. And it’s not porn, and you should also do it really professionally in a safe space.”

After the Amazon Prime Video logo appears in the episode “Herogasm,” the official warning about the content appears, which reads: “Some scenes may not be suitable for some, and really most, let’s be honest, all viewers. But rest assured that any consensual relationships are filmed, whether they Humans, animal, superhero or otherwise, they aren’t real, and they didn’t hurt anyone, in fact it costs a huge amount of visual effects.”

Check out the reactions to the wildest moments in the episode below!

#10 clamps

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#9 Hughie attends

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#8 Toilet Cam

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#7 Ice game

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#6 Wonder Woman Lasso Truth

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#4 Termites… Entrance

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