How much are Wimbledon 2022 tickets? Here are the cheapest and most expensive prices

Tennis fans interested in getting some from Wimbledon 2022 can explore the cheapest and most expensive tickets available for the famous tournament.

It’s that time of year again: Wimbledon is back for 14 days of world-class tennis from June 27 to July 10.

For those who are in London for their first tennis matches, there is still some available for them Same day tickets.

But before buying tickets, tennis fans can compare ticket prices on Wimbledon website. Ticket prices vary by day and court arrival.

Here are the cheapest and most expensive tickets for those looking to attend Wimbledon this summer.

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Cheapest Wimbledon tickets

For those who simply want to cross the stadiums for the sprawling sporting match, Grounds tickets are available for £27 for the first eight days of the tournament (27 June – 4 July). This price drops continuously until the 14th, when access to the grounds will cost just £8.

For those who want to get into the matches, tickets for stadiums #2 and #3 are the least expensive. While the prices change every day, both of these courts offer the same price as the other until the eighth day, after which it is available to Court No. 2 only. For day 9 getting to Court No. 2, it costs just £47 – and on day 10 it’s just £43. On the first day, tickets for pitches #2 and #3 are just £46.

Most expensive Wimbledon tickets

Most expensive tickets for the best seats in the house: at Center Court sporting Price Band A.

Tickets start from £75 on Day 1, and go up to £240 on Day 13 and Day 14 of the cycle.

For a slightly cheaper access, you can hit the Center Court with Price Band B, but the discount is no more than £10 on any given day.

Other ways to register Wimbledon tickets

Another corner of Wimbledon website Provides more information about ticket availability.

There was no public ballot for Wimbledon tickets in 2022 – fans who took tickets in 2020 were given out on the same day and seat this year – but there is Waiting list To purchase return ballots.

Fans can also explore the Wimbledon app for more information, and the website says that “waiting and reselling tickets will be back in 2022 for sales per day,” meaning there may be availability to buy in the courts in person.

There’s also a hint that American Express may offer ticket deals: “Follow American Express social channels for more information on when the next sale will start,” says the Wimbledon website.

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