JLo and Ben Affleck share their taste for luxury cars that their kids might enjoy

TheLike all Hollywood celebrities, actor Ben Affleck He has a certain fascination with luxury cars, and although they are not many, much of the $150 million that makes up his fortune has been set aside for the acquisition of real, rolling gems, should she marry. Jennifer LopezHe’ll have to share it with her or perhaps the twins he had with singer Marc Anthony.

automotive engineering gems

As far as is known, JLo’s garage contains five eye-catching cars, the Aston Martin DB9, with an estimated value of $245,000; A classic Chevrolet Chevelle SS from the 1960s, estimated to be worth $50,000; A Lexus RX with an average market price of $90,000; Mercedes S63 AMG worth a quarter of a million dollars; The Tesla S is $80,000.

but, Jennifer Lopez Cars taste a bit more elegant, as in her garage there are five other eye-catching models: Rolls-Royce Ghost, valued at half a million dollars; The Porsche 911 Carrera GTS costs about 200 thousand dollars; A Bentley Continental GTC with an approximate value of $280,000, and a modest Aston Martin DB7 that does not exceed $170,000.

Bronx Diva doesn’t like to drive

After taking a look at both sets, it is clear that it is in a garage “Bronx Diva” Her models far outnumber her partner’s. However, at some point they will have to share it.

And it probably doesn’t cause much conflict for JLo because her estimated fortune is estimated by financial experts at more than $300 million which tends to increase through some of the projects she has in the pipeline.

An interesting fact is that celebrities rarely drive their models and who enjoys it the most is Ben Affleck and when he is not at home, it is the trusted staff who are responsible for driving the Lopez family members to and from one point. etc.

As for Affleck, no one else drives, so it could mean a problem when one of his two daughters asks him for the starter keys, not to mention his little 10-year-old boy, who just spent the weekend on an oversight. I got into a Lamborghini and crashed into another unit.


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