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After the weekend festivities, the festival’s co-organizer asked fans to remember something very important.

She tweeted yesterday afternoon (Sunday 26th June) asking people to “please take everything home”. Festivals often make headlines because of the huge amount of things including; Tents, chairs, personal items, and more are in locations that hosts have to clean.

Emily said, “Thank you for making this so special, Glastonbury. If you’ve started thinking about packing, please take everything home with you. Let’s leave this beautiful valley in the state it deserves. Enjoy the rest of the festival! #LoveTheFarm #LeaveNoTrace.”

but according to Somerset Live Reporters on the ground, not everyone responded to this request.

Sharing an image of a whiteboard that reads “Bye! Safe Travels! Thank you for leaving no trace! See you next year!” And a hint of sadness with her this morning as people left tents, camping chairs and other belongings/trash behind on a shabby farm.”

On Twitter, @TirnAOge wrote: “It’s shocking that people get dirty and lazy. Do they throw trash in their homes too? Shocking. People really should be ashamed of themselves.”

Tim Thorne commented on the photos on social media: “It just shows how immature and ignorant many festival-goers are. They can’t even keep the place tidy and clean up their own mess…” while Mary Hill added: “People groan. About it all general but still going forward. The site owner is clearly not too upset.”

Jill Hutton said, “I’m not really sure how you can even begin to justify this behavior, if the rest of the site away from the main areas is clean during the festival, you know volunteers clean it all day every day while the festival is running? That’s what’s left after everyone has left.” It’s happening on our shores, too.”

The official Glastonbury Twitter account has since posted to highlight the “amazing” work of trash pickers at the event, and thank fans who took their belongings and trash with them.

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