Man vs Bee should have been a movie and Netflix fans know it

With beloved roles including Mr. Bean, Johnny English and Edmund Blackadder, Rowan Atkinson is undoubtedly a comedic legend and there’s always a buzz of excitement when he stars in a new project.

Rowan Atkinson’s latest work sees him star in the Netflix series, Man vs Bee, where his character is trapped in an endless feud with a mysterious bee.

The nine-episode series is a treat for viewers who love Mr. Bee but the format of the release left us and some fans on Twitter wondering why Man vs Bee wasn’t released as a movie.

Man vs. bee | Official Trailer | Netflix



Man vs. bee | Official Trailer | Netflix





Man vs Bee release date and plot

Man vs Bee flew on Netflix Friday, June 24, 2022.

Starring Rowan Atkinson, the series tells the story of Trevor, a lovable but stuttering father who gets a job as a housekeeper, with his first assignment to see a luxurious mansion filled with priceless artwork, classic cars and a mischievous dog called Cupcake.

The task seems simple enough until a bee arrives on the scene and an eternal feud with Trevor begins, as the house novice resorts to whatever means necessary to get the bumblebee out of the house.


Our view: Man vs Bee should have been a movie

While Rowan Atkinson’s return to his silly comedy best may be a pleasure to watch in Man vs Bee, the format in which the series was released is certainly bewildering as you can’t help but wonder why it wasn’t released as a single movie.

The series is divided into nine episodes and after the first 19-minute installment, the remaining chapters are all 10-12 minutes long.

In total, the series has a running time of just 108 minutes (1 hour and 48 minutes), which means Man vs Bee has the equivalent running time of a feature film.

Furthermore, each episode begins and ends at the same point, leaving an awkward pause between episodes that wouldn’t exist if the series were cut together as a full movie.

Short episodes are definitely a style unique to Man vs Bee, but when you’re sitting in front of the same batch of credits for the ninth time, only 10 minutes apart, the question “Why wasn’t this a movie?” It is becoming increasingly prevalent.


Netflix fans have their say

We’re not alone in believing that Man vs Bee could and should have been one movie instead of nine short episodes as plenty of fans on social media echoed the message, while others agree with the unique approach.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “The length of Man vs Bee episodes introduces ‘This project should be a movie, but we’ve broken it up into short ‘episodes’ so we don’t have to pay the actual movie price to the crew and instead you pay them as if it were a short web series” Positive feedback.”

While another added, “Man vs Bee was awesome! It’s a shame it was a small episode and not like a movie but it’s absolutely fantastic and we’re seeing Rowan Atkinson do what he does best with his comedy contract.”

This fan already approved of the short episodes: “I guess Man vs Bee was originally supposed to be a single movie. But cutting it into 10 minute episodes is a smart stroke. I’m sure I would have been bored for 20 minutes but I feel compelled At the end of each one to continue.”

“I assumed Man vs Bee was a feature film but it’s actually nine 10-minute episodes! Which is weird but also weirdly appropriate! I’ve only seen 2 eps but Rowan is funnier than ever”, commented this fan .

However, this fan responded, “The streaming obsession with TV series that looks like a ‘one long movie’ has reached logical frenzy with Man vs Bee, the story of a man trying to get a bee out of a house in nine episodes, totaling under two hours.”

“I watched Man vs. B yesterday. This is not a series,” this fan commented. “It’s a feature film. The breaks were just annoying.”

While this fan said, “Watching the Man vs. the Bee. Oddly enough, this wasn’t just a movie. Each episode is about 10-12 minutes long. Just make it a movie.”

Finally, this fan commented, “Netflix really moved what should have been a 90-minute movie into a nine-part series with Man vs Bee.”


Man vs Bee is now available to stream on Netflix After its launch on June 24, 2022.

In other news, Man Vs Bee reviews leave the possibility of Season 2 on the fence

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