My Hero Academia explains how terrifying everything can be

My hero academy He watched All For One on his back foot for the first time in a long time, and the latest chapter in the series shows just how terrifying the All Might effect has been on the villain even after all these years later. The final war between heroes and villains ignites as Endeavor unleashes a fiery comeback against All For One, and the villain feels real danger for the first time. As All Might is the last time the iconic super villain ever struggled, it shows how much the former First Champion’s presence really is.

When we last saw All Might face off against All For One, it was a massive show of strength in which the hero was able to beat the villain. Of course this is far from the beginning of All Might, and losing was part of the villain’s plan, but it was an inconvenience for how they clashed in their prime. With All For One facing Endeavor in this final battle, he was facing flashbacks because the terrifying threat from the hero still had a huge impact on his psyche in general.

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Chapter 357 of My hero academy He sees All For One react to Endeavor’s intense new flames, and even the villain realizes that Endeavor’s last effort was “close” and reacts to the fact that he felt some actual danger in that brief moment. He then reveals that he never expected Endeavor to remind him of the “pain and misery” of his battle with All Might years ago (which likely led to the wounds we see today) with the villain even remarking that the wounded heroes are “always the most terrifying”. So while the villain is indeed scary, all in its prime is so much more.

Given all the strength and confidence of All For One throughout the series so far, it really highlights how terrifying All Might was a hero when he was at his full strength. It was likely that this last war would not have happened had it been, and All Might would still cast a shadow over this final battle even without his full participation. Now it’s just a matter of seeing if Endeavor has more luck than the former No.1 champion in beating the All For One program for good.

How do you feel about the impact of All Might on the All For One program? Do you wish we could see more of all this ‘horrifying’ at its peak? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all the moving stuff and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!


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