The Untold Frankenstein series will be a “radical reimagining” of Mary Shelley’s novel

Mary Shelley Frankenstein It might be one of the most viral stories in popular culture – and it looks like it’s about to get a major new TV adaptation. On Tuesday, Sky Deutschland, Comcast’s Sky’s German unit, They announced their new list of upcoming programmes. Among the list of shows in development will be Frankenstein Untold, a reality series described as a “radical reimagining” of Shelley’s 1818 science fiction novel. The series will be created by director Philip Stolzel (The Royal Game, North Face), who is currently On developing the series with producers Neue Schönhauser Film (Back on Track).

Unspeakable Frankenstein Shelley’s novel will be taken as a starting point for an exploration of the book’s philosophical and political themes, with the story, set in the year 1816, told through the eyes of eight different characters. It’s not clear at this point if and how the series will be distributed in the US, let alone when the series will premiere on Sky Deutschland.

Other series announced for Sky Deutschland’s roster will include the seven-part post-apocalyptic science fiction series Helgoland 513: 2034, which will be directed by red And the Snake Eyes: The Origins of GI Joe Director Robert Schwenkt. The series imagines a world where the island of Helgoland in the North Sea has become humanity’s last safe haven. But the responsible totalitarian society dictates that only 513 people are allowed to live on the island, with each resident given a “social arrangement” according to his “usefulness”. All the while, a dangerous force from the mainland is preparing to invade and conquer Helgoland. There is, too Huntsville AlCreated by Achim v. Borries (Babylon BerlinRon Lechem and Amit CohenValley of Tearsand Nadav Shermangreen prince). The drama, set in the 1950s, is inspired by the true stories of Nazi German engineers and their families who were recruited by the U.S. Army after World War II for a secret missile project in the sleepy Alabama town that became the foundation of the American space industry. .

Frankenstein has a one-of-a-kind track record on television, with countless titles over the years in an effort to bring narrative pieces of Shelley’s story to the small screen. One of the most notable is the animated series Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossible, Penny the Terrible, And the Second chance.

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