3 backup plans for the Browns when Deshaun Watson gets suspended

The Cleveland Browns were put into a corner with Deshaun Watson. When he is stopped, where will they play for good quarterback?

Cleveland and Watson will consider victory if suspended Less than a full season. The NFL and Watson are meeting an arbitrator named by Roger Goodell this week, who will help determine the fate of the quarterback.

Watson is likely to be suspended for a period due to a host of sexual misconduct allegations against him. While the majority of civil cases have been settled, many remain, and the league’s office has been watching the entire time.

It is undeniable that Watson’s actions warrant punishment of some sort. The Browns have no reason to be surprised by these developments, either, because they conducted their own investigation before trading and then signing Watson on a long-term extension. They knew what they were getting into.

So where should Cleveland go from here? There are at least 3 potential short-term solutions for Brown while they wait for Watson’s comment – however long that may be.

Cleveland Browns Solutions: Contact Baker Mayfield

Mayfield is still on the list, as Cleveland has struggled to find a business partner who will take over the majority of his remaining contract. As for Baker, he commented on the matter on Tuesday, saying the only way he would consider a reunion would be if Brown made a sustained effort. While he is grateful for his time with the organization, both sides seem to have progressed, and that’s okay.

Cleveland Browns Solutions: Trade for Another Choice

The best quarterbacks in the market not named Baker Mayfield are Sam Darnold and Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy G has a lot of the same baggage as Baker – in that he has limited talent and has a big contract. So this doesn’t quite match up. But what about Darnold?

If Cleveland didn’t already have a backup they could trust, Darnold would make sense. Carolina is one of Mayfield’s top trading options, so they can only swap for the quarterback. However, the main reason why this does not happen is the following:

Cleveland Browns Solutions: Standing with Jacoby Brisset

Brissett hasn’t been a quarterback for a few years, but he got his chance last season with Miami. Tua Tagovailoa was inconsistent at best and prone to infection.

Brissett is a veteran signal caller that the Browns can count on for the short term while Watson serves up his suspension. He wouldn’t take them to the Super Bowl, but Cleveland has a strong ground attack and can shape the attack around a limited lane if needed.

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