Shadow of the Sith is the necessary prequel trilogy

In 2019, Lucasfilm . was released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters, thus ending the Star Wars and Skywalker Saga trilogy. The film proved divisive with fans, with one common criticism being that it felt overcrowded. Instead of building on what has been done in Star Wars The Last JediThe film introduces several new elements to the trilogy’s story, including the planet Sith Exegol and the role of Ochi of Bestoon, with a new narrative setting adapted to the story of the three films. Star Wars: Shadow of the Siththe new novel by Adam Christopher, takes measures to create more means of organic integration Heavenly RiseLate additions to the mythology, creating what seems like a missing chapter from the sequel’s trilogy’s story.

Shadow of the Sith Starting 13 years ago Star Wars: The Force AwakensIt begins as a two-fold story. As previously revealed, Shadow of the Sith Asma and focuses on Ray’s parents, Miramer and her husband Dathan, son of Emperor Palpatine. Their story soon draws Lando Calrissian into their orbit. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker and Lor San Tekka are still searching the galaxy for Jedi and Sith artifacts. Their quest soon brings them into conflict with an enemy Sith unlike any other that Luke has met before. These paths eventually intersect and this becomes the story of the adventure of Luke and Lando together briefly mentioned in Heavenly Rise.

Through these stories, many major drawing devices from Heavenly Rise They give a sense of the backstory and history that was, arguably, missing in the movie itself. The significance and nature of the Sith Wayfinder and Sith Dagger are expanded, as is the nature of the legendary Exegol. Ray’s parents getting some actual characterization here is also welcome, providing a more satisfactory explanation for why they left Ray in Jackco (and why there seemed to be a lot more confusion about who they really were) than previously allowed.

But reframing the context of films is one thing. Do Shadow of the Sith Standing as a Star Wars story worth reading in terms of its merits? Yes it is. It’s a little slow to get started as it transfers perspective to different characters from class to class. Since the characters are scattered across the galaxy to get started, it takes a while to get all the main players together. According to the e-reader, I was still seeing chapters from the characters’ new perspectives by up to 20% in the book, and the fact that some of these characters were only listed one chapter from their point of view seems a bit forgiving. But in the end, once Luke and Lando meet, Shadow of the Sith Star Wars turns out well, full of action and adventure and focusing on a pair of heroes whose relationship isn’t given much space anywhere else. There’s at least one daring swing that includes an amazing character that might split fans, but overall, it’s a pretty good time.

It’s great to watch Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith As an introduction to the sequel trilogy. I don’t recommend reading it before watching those movies – doing so will remove all mystery of Ray’s identity, and this book is clearly written in response to the existence of those movies – but it was taken with those movies, Shadow of the Sith Plant seeds that now feel like bearing fruit Heavenly Rise Rather than being my shoe, arguably, read it. Even if it doesn’t change how you think about the sequels, it’s a fun Star Wars adventure in itself.

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