How is Jensen Ackles invested in the superstar Winchesters Prequel? Meg Donnelly star shared her vision

Fans of The CW’s Longest-running Show supernatural They’re gearing up for another series that explores the mythology and origins of not only more other creatures, but also beloved fatherly characters John and Mary Winchester. coming from SPN Alum Jensen Ackles, winchester The spinoff looks like it’s going to give viewers fun, and Meg Donnelly (who will portray Sam and Dean’s mother) shed some heavenly light on how invested Ackles has been with winchester.

The zombies Talk to the star TVLine About work on the upcoming prequel series, and what Jensen Ackles was like on set, at least in the early days. Meg Donnelly noted that he maintained a daily presence when the pilot was shot, and that he was keen to provide her and co-star Drake Rodgers with plenty of supernaturalKnowledge based on how to implement it. In her words:

He’s been working every day of the pilot, just like being very helpful, giving us notes, telling us about the universe we might not know. So it was a really good idea.

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