July Super Moon: How and when to see Pak Moon, the brightest of the year?

IIn the middle of summer, people living in some areas of the United States will experience the biggest and brightest event of the year, which is Buck Supermon.

This astronomical phenomenon is also known as raspberry mon It is expected to be celebrated on Wednesday, July 13, near the end of evening twilight.

optical sight

According to some experts in the field, the moon will appear 7% larger and lower in the sky.

Under this view, it will be as close as we will be to our natural satellite all year long, approximately 357,418 km away, although it won’t be visible in North America when it reaches its maximum illumination at 14:38 ET United States, after sunset. It will still look great.

The Old Farmers’ Almanac reports that Pac’s full moon will be closer to Earth than any other moon in 2022.

“It will be below the horizon at that time, so plan to look southeast after sunset to see it rise into the sky,” advises the calendar.

Goodbye centuries

This event is also known as the Deer Moon, because male deer are in “full growth mode” and this is when they shed their antlers to grow better and bigger.

In different cultures, this night scene has been given many other names such as: Feather Moulting Moon (Cree), Berry Moon (Anishinaabe), Salmon Moon (Tlingit), Raspberry Moon (Algonquin and Ojibwe), Ripe Corn Moon (Cherokee), and the Moon When the cherry ripens (Dakota).

It is indicated that if the weather is windy or hot, then it is called Thunder Moon (Western Abenaki) and Mid-Summer Moon (Anishinaabe).


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