Sonic Frontiers brings back the fan-favorite character

Sonic the Hedgehog has no shortage of companions to accompany him on his travels and in Sonic Frontiers We now know at least one additional support character will be present thanks to some new details that were revealed recently. That character is Big the Cat, the friendly hunter who has appeared again sonic adventure It appeared several times thereafter in future games and other forms of media. It’s clear that Big will do what he does best with Sonic by allowing players to fish for access to different features in the new Sonic game.

Prospecting efforts and hopeful speculation have indicated that Big might be in the game, but thanks to some details recently revealed in the latest version of detective game centered on vocal boundariesWe know for sure that he will be in the game. For those without a subscription to the physical or digital edition of the magazine, others have dissected the feature for some more relevant details including confirming the return of Big the Cat.

While opening portals into Cyber ​​Space, a feature that serves as a more linear Sonic the Hedgehog experience in the game’s “open area” world, Game Informer reported that Big the Cat was spotted at one point through one of those portals, according to an excerpt. Big was once again holding his fishing rod and was ready to guide players through the game’s fishing mini-game that gives players tokens as they progress through it. By spending it, you can get “various items such as Portal Gear parts, audio diaries, Vault keys” and more. It appears that the purple coins are required for additional hunting attempts, so it looks like this wouldn’t be something players could do indefinitely without enough resources.

Consider the extent of openness vocal boundaries Supposed to be, and as mentioned earlier, as many characters as there are in the other universe as Sonic himself, Big will likely be just one of several that will be present in the game. We don’t know yet when players will be able to explore this world after sometime in Holiday 2022, but the developers have assured people that the game will not be delayed.


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