Natalie Portman agrees that Thor: Love and Thunder is the best Marvel movie ever

IIn a recent interview, Academy Award winner Natalie Portman was asked if this part of God of Thunder would be considered the sexiest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to which she happily replied, “I’d love to read it, yes. I would.”

The most anticipated movie from the MCU at this time is Thor: Love & Thunder is about to release and people couldn’t be more excited about the premiere.

Star-studded cast

The film stars legendary actors Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson, while also featuring Luke Hemsworth and multi-talented Oscar winners Russel Crowe and Matt Damon.

return turn

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In the interview, Natalie opened up about her filming experiences and what it was like to return to her role as Dr. Jane Foster.

Marvel is definitely looking to be included in its ranks, we’ve seen characters from all walks of life represented in the universe since the long-running franchise has adapted so well and developed characters that resonate with many members of most communities.

Some say the LBGT+ community was lacking in acting, on that note, the MCU added LBGT+ characters recently with Phastos and America Chavez, however, Natalie loves the sentiment of Love and Thunder.

The interviewer asked a direct question

“Natalie, is it safe to say that this is the sexiest movie ever made in the MCU?” asked the interviewer. She replied, “I like reading it, yes. I like it.” He then continued, “I mean… you fly on rainbows over there… or am I imagining that?” To which she replied “I mean, that’s the gist of the comics. I feel like that’s where it all started. It’s very real for the source material, I think.”

love acting

“It’s unbelievable. It’s a privilege to be in this world. It’s also great… to be in an age where there are so many superheroes, and I think girls don’t have to be like, ‘Oh, there’s one girl and that’s me.'” There are so many people out there that they can choose from and relate to based on their personality, super strength that you know, or even their weaknesses that they can figure out who fits in as a human being and not just feel like they have to find a demographic like, you know, alignment.


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