Kevin Durant, Warriors encounter gains strength as players talk to KD

Kevin Durant is said to be in talks with the Golden State Warriors star, but will the team actually pursue a deal for him?

Hours before the start of the NBA free agency on July 1, reports circulated that Kevin Durant had requested a deal from the Brooklyn Nets. Now, the NBA world is waiting to see which team will be able to give the Nets the best bid for Durant. Could one of these teams be the Golden State Warriors’ NBA title defender.

Andscape’s Marcus Spears reports that the Warriors had an interest in reuniting with Durant, who rejoined the team back in 2016. According to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic,the Warriors stars held talks with Durant, saying they were “catching up” and that they had “already thought about the idea of ​​a reunion.”

Despite talks between Kevin Durant and Warriors stars, reunion ‘highly unlikely’

Don’t worry about optimistic Warriors fans, because the report continues.

Thompson noted that multiple sources in the organization told him that a reunion was “highly unlikely”. “Nothing in the past three years suggests that warriors would be willing to pay the dividend,” says Thompson.

Regarding the Warriors stars, Thompson wrote that they are not “pressing the front office to go buy Durant,” and that sources said “they are okay with defending their title by [Andrew] Wiggins [Jordan] Paul, and the young player they were preparing to win.”

As for who actually acquires Durant, it will be up to Networks. They are looking for the best possible return, which is understandable, for one of the best players in the entire NBA. Reports have indicated that Durant has the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat as his favorite destinations. Another team that has emerged as a potential landing site for Durant is the Toronto Raptors.

Which team will Durant play in the 2022-23 season? We’ll just have to wait for the official confirmation of the trade, whenever that happens.

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