Leaving Sony Pictures Television SVP Global Unscripted Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards, Creative Director and Senior Vice President of Global Unregistered Entertainment at Sony Pictures Television International (SPT), has left the company, diverse can confirm.

Edwards stepped down last month with the intention of taking a break for family reasons. However, it will continue to consult independently on global formats, and trade under a company called Edwards Power.

Edwards joined SPT International in 2012 where she has overseen game shows including “The Weakest Link,” “Can’t Touch This” and “Take Me Out” as well as expansion into new media, such as a partnership with chef and adventurer Kiran Jethwa. On “Kiran Jethwa: Fearless Food”, a YouTube channel featuring new series and pre-streamed content.

In 2018, she created a format unit within the company. Prior to joining SPT International, Edwards worked at Talkback Thames and 12 Yards.

Laura St. Clair, Vice President of Sales and Production Consulting, will oversee international unregistered business and formats following Edwards’ departure.

St Clair has also worked with the company since 2012, and in 2018, as Executive Director of Coordination Sales, worked closely with the newly opened Coordination Unit along with Edwards. St Clair has previously worked for 2waytraffic International and Celador International.

SPT International has also boosted its writing business recently, after acquiring the production company of Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner’s Bad Wolf last December. Bad Wolf has produced shows including the upcoming “Doctor Who” and “His Dark Materials”.

SPT International president Wayne Garvey announced at MipTV in April that he wanted the company to become “Britain’s largest drama studio”.

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