A father recounts his family’s escape from the Highland Park shooting

The is Highland Park Filming July 4, 2022 will haunt memories for a long time. The shooter killed six, wounded 31, and inflicted countless emotional wounds, including those who managed to escape for safety.

One of those people who managed to escape unharmed is Sean Cotro, 46, who has been hoping for Monday’s horror show. With his wife and three children, he was unharmed at the scene, but explained that his children were still afraid.

“They held the rally again this year after they canceled the last two shows, so we got our chairs out early, in our usual places,” Cotro told PEOPLE.

“You would never imagine it would turn into something like this.

“We’re locked in the house now. My kids, they shook. They don’t want to leave the house.”

I thought it was fireworks

Cotro, whose children are 2, 9 and 11, went on to explain that he thought the shooting noise was someone setting off the fireworks at first.

“I looked back, and I saw the gun, and I stared at this guy who was shooting at me,” Cotro said.

“It was hard for me to see him. He was on the roof and the gun was in front of him.

“I saw most of the revolvers, and then we saw the bullets hit the tree in front of us, and that was crazy.”

Cotreau was able to confirm that the shooter was white, but didn’t take a good enough look at him to be able to guess his age.


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