Why your Instagram messages are disappearing and five possible fixes

Instagram crashes – again!

Just in the past week, users have encountered a whole bunch of different issues with Stories.

Stories were blurry and upside down and the camera button disappeared, leaving users very frustrated.

Now, the app seems to be having more issues, but this time it crashes direct messages.

Read on to find out what happens and explore some potential fixes…

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Instagram DMs are disappearing

On Tuesday, Twitter was flooded with reports that Instagram DMs are down for both iPhone and Android users around the world.

according to bottom detectorThe problems started around 4pm on Tuesday, July 5 and continued through Wednesday.

Instagram users claim that direct messages do not load properly, fail to send and even disappear altogether.

Some cannot access the app’s messaging feature at all while others simply cannot reply to their friends’ direct messages.

Many of them receive a DM notification but when they go to the messaging section, the message disappears and does not appear at all.

One person wrote on Twitter:

Another said:

A third person added:

It seems wrong

At the time of writing, Instagram has not addressed the issues. However, your direct messages are working strangely due to an in-app bug.

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, outages are common and Instagram often drops to users worldwide.

In 2022, Instagram errors seem to be more common than ever and the app is experiencing outages almost every week at the moment.

Nothing wrong with your phone or WiFi, Instagram servers are simply down causing frustrating errors on your account.

It’s really annoying, but unfortunately, there’s not much you can do. As with all internet glitches, there is no quick fix to get your app working again.

The Instagram technical team is most likely aware of the issue and is working on a fix for the app. Therefore, it should be up and running again in a few hours.

However, if you are feeling impatient, find below some things that can fix your app.

Five potential fixes

  • Close the application and open it again.

First, try closing your app completely. On an iPhone, do this by swiping up on your homepage.

Some users have reported that logging out of the app and then logging back in has fixed their Instagram account.

You can also try deleting your app and then downloading it again from the App Store.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version.

Head over to your App Store and make sure that there are no Instagram updates available.

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but sometimes all you have to do is turn your phone off and on again.

If none of these things work, Instagram appears to be operating as usual on the web, so you can access your account via a browser until the app is fixed.

In other news, Instagram is not sending messages to users as problem phenomena in 2022

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