After the boys and the indomitable success, Amazon is moving forward with another ambitious comic book adaptation

With Marvel and DC operating for years as huge banks of traditional superhero source material, film and television audiences have eagerly welcomed comic book adaptations that don’t necessarily hinge on truth, justice, and the American way. In particular, Amazon Studios has enjoyed successes like forecast fare boys And the InvincibleBut it will largely leave superheroes by the wayside with its highly ambitious new comedy-oriented plans.

Amazon Studios gets the rights to develop the still new (but already a bestselling) product Image Comics Series Eight billion genesCreated by the filmmaking team of writer Charles Sully and artist Ryan Brown. It is the book’s introduction that can evoke billions of stories practically, quite literally, and it seems as if the enormous potential of storytelling is precisely why the forces that were bent on controlling the Eight billion genes Through what was said to be a “hot auction” for each photo.

The general hypothesis of Eight billion genes is that on a seemingly ordinary day, every person on earth met their personal genie, with the caveat that each genie would grant one wish, and only one wish. And it takes the world almost eight seconds to change forever, which is where this novel begins. The comic arc itself, which is currently two issues, is set inside a Michigan bar called The Lampwick, centered on the garage and new and old customers who were present when the Gin arrived. And while this specific story will likely make its way to viewers in some form, it certainly won’t be the only one.

(Image credit: Image Comics)

Because if it wasn’t already obvious, Amazon isn’t just planning to make one project out of it Eight billion genes, but a variety of them. The studio’s first planned project will be a feature film intended to serve as a “cornerstone in the world of multimedia storytelling”. Expect at least one TV series and more to follow the (first?) feature, with Charles Sully and Ryan Brown serving as executive producers.

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