Battlefield 2042 is making 63 changes without telling anyone

Two days ago, DICE released a new mega release Battlefield 2042 The update made a metric number of changes to PC games, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The patch notes for the update were huge, but clearly not as conclusive, as the file reddit The user has since discovered not one, not two, but 63 counting the “secret” changes made to the game. Of course, most of these changes aren’t very noteworthy, but it’s strange that they weren’t included, or at least it would be weird if this didn’t happen seemingly every update.

Below, you can check out every change discovered so far. If more changes are discovered, we will make sure to update the story with said changes.

However, it should be noted that not all of these changes have been verified, and none have been confirmed by DICE, EA, or anyone involved with either party.

  • Added countdown to the end of Season 1 #1 to AOW’s main lobby screen (ending September)
  • #2 Lobby music and map fixed
  • #3 The Recon drone is now moving very slowly with the C5 on it
  • #4 Sundance only gets one bomb and it’s not like before and does much less damage than before.
  • #5 We Can Control Our Airplanes While Looking Back Clarification…
  • #6 VCAR, SCAR’s Got New Scope, TARGET 8T 1.25-4.5x, It’s a Tortured Sight
  • #7 [BUG] The US Marines are no longer acquiring in-orbit defense attack vehicles. More info about this typical user who originally reported this is right below this post!
  • #8 They seem to have improved the swipe recording, ruining the output. The shots hit the target more consistently and the kill time is shorter compared to the 1.0. (tested with AK)
  • #9 There are different noises when the target is taken, and there are arrow pointers on the mini-map towards the targets now
  • #10 Boris’ Serebro Centurion’s Eyebrow Was Changed From Red To Black. It looks lame now.
  • No. 11 [BUG] They still haven’t fixed the laser sights…
  • number 12 [BUG] The radio is still not working in Condor*.
  • #13 New Addition: Gear (Nades, Tools, etc) and Vehicles now show their mastery level with the colored badge next to them in the collect/load menu
  • #14 There is now a green cone in front of the player in the mini map
  • #15 Enemy Grenade Close To Icon / Outline
  • #16 Now forcing unowned electric doors to open faster
  • #17 New squad leader system like how BF1 + BF5 got him in Commo rose and you can choose flags to attack/defense
  • #18 After the round ends, everyone is stopped at the last position they were in. They can no longer move in any direction
  • #19 Effect of a new “pulse” type on the revive icon when a “revive request” is suspended
  • #20 New Effect Of The “Rejection/Intersection” Type On The Nixon Revival When The “Rejection Of The Revival” Is Held
  • #21 New EMP Bomb Effects
  • #22 Possibility to zoom in on maps + sign
  • #23 Well this is a little weird, I’m not sure if it’s a bug.
  • #24 Wildcat Has A Big Blue Chest Around The Intersection. It’s on tanks too
  • #25 Wobble effect added to your screen when using Tactical Enemy
  • #26 The Night Bird fires 70mm rockets at a slower rate of fire
  • #27 New sfx for air raid in BT . mode
  • The #28 PS4 version on PS5 textures and resolutions appears to be improved. Along with the loading time of the texture.
  • #29 [BUG] This is a change that was made several patches ago but still bothers me and has never been fixed: the main menu on PS5 plays at 30fps. Please add it to the list so the developers can see it.
  • #30 wire added to the scar
  • #31 Night Flying 70mm Rocket Capsules Reduce their firing rate and increase their regeneration time
  • #32 Vehicles were defended upon breach, at least in the hourglass. I’m not sure if the car credit is completely voided
  • #33 It may be an oversight but the box that says Skip the killer cam no longer aligns with the killer dashboard.
  • #34 Also I’m not quite sure but I get the impression that the sounds from the battle (gunshots, explosions) sound more present while the map screen is coming up.
  • #35 There is a new “tank” sound when you pick up points.
  • #36 New Beeps I’ve Never Heard Sundance Friendly Said “These Grenades Used” or something when I shot an Irish Ranger.
  • #37 A Green Circle Banned From A Tank When A Teammate Jumped. I haven’t seen that before.
  • #38 40mm burner no longer bounces off walls. The incendiary grenades of the Saffar missile now explode on impact and the vehicles stick to the fire
  • #39 They Fixed BSV-M Proficiency Skin Level 1
  • #40 They removed the adaptive triggers on the PS5… it sucks because I keep accidentally firing my gun now since there is no resistance
  • #41 Access the main menu (to update your gear!) while in the “Waiting to fill the lobby” and “Waiting for deployment” screens. Previously, pressing the start button opened one option to leave or stay in the game.
  • #42 You can press tab to see the scoreboard while waiting for players to join
  • #43 Russian Air Force Signs Pinned On Hannibal
  • #44 new sounds when choosing tools/weapons
  • #45 The text on the HUD has a glow now
  • #46 The enemy laser sights seem to have a stronger effect when you look at them
  • EOR screen #47 now shows most kills (maybe it did before too)
  • #48 A new 3D scene for the M44 called PP1 Hulu?
  • #49 When you press healing to heal yourself, the animation is accelerated.
  • #50 You may have been oblivious before this patch, but they seem to have added a sound effect if you try to use a tool (like ammo boxes) that isn’t currently available.
  • #51 When your personality is on fire. He starts screaming like a madman or like he’s burning at the ATM.
  • #52 Casper’s passive ability (motion sensor) is disabled in the danger zone. Maybe a bug?
  • #53 Looks like he took the new 5x scope from the DM7? It wasn’t made loud on my part and I can’t find it anymore.
  • #54 Something seems to be off with a friendly composite score. They do not appear in some cases until you are very close.
  • UI #55 has been moved to alternate weapon mode (X) and single/auto fire type and is much larger and clearer in UI.
  • #56 The underbarrel grenade launcher icon has been changed
  • #57 Heat Shells Decreased. They no longer have a single shot.
  • number 58 [BUG] BUG – When you’re in a vehicle, at least as a secondary gunner, and you’re looking left and right, the mini-map with FOV players doesn’t rotate.
  • #59 The Fusion Holo’s red dot is much smaller and more subtle. I don’t have a before or after camera, but if you’re logged into the game you should be able to see it.
  • #60 Another thing they changed HUD for Breakthrough.
  • #61 SU57 I got a severe undercut. I think it’s equal to F35 now.
  • #62 One can go down on the mountains better while skydiving. The side of the previous slope upon exposure had pushed you away.
  • #63 Changed breakout layout on exposure.

Battlefield 2042 Available across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the exciting 2020 divisive shooter, click here.


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