Meta tasks soon won’t require logging into Facebook accounts

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, will soon change its Meta Quest login structure so that people no longer have to have a Facebook account to use the devices. The change was first announced late last year, and in a new post this week by the Meta Quest team, it’s confirmed that the change will happen in August with a new login system in place for those who don’t. Want to create a Facebook account or don’t want to use her own account.

Of course, you’ll still need an account in general to use the Meta Quest family of devices, so if your concerns are about handing over your information to the Meta, this change may not ease your concerns. If you simply don’t want to link your personal Facebook account to your VR missions, this change will be good news.

Meta team said in Blog post. “When we announced that we would start requiring people to sign in to Meta Quest with a Facebook account, we received a lot of feedback from the Quest community. We took that feedback into account as we designed a new Meta account structure that gives people flexibility and control.”

Those who signed into their Meta devices with an Oculus account created before the rebranding to Meta Quest occurred, will still be able to do so until January 1, 2023, at which point you’ll have to “create a Meta account and a Meta file,” the post said. Personal Horizon to continue using the Meta VR device.” If you wish to continue using your Facebook account with your Meta devices, you are free to do so.

With this transition, some other changes are also taking place. The currently in place ‘Friends’ system will be retooled to show ‘Followers’ instead similar to what Instagram users see on the platform. More privacy options will also be added – open to everyone, friends, family, and Solo – which should also look familiar to those using the Meta platforms.

Meta account changes will occur in August 2022.


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