Big Brother Season 24: Updated Guide to Evacuation Every Week, HoH, Veto Winner & More (with spoilers)

warning! The following contains spoilers from Big brother Season 24 will be streamed live and will be updated with information that may not have been revealed in the episodes yet. Read at your own risk!

Big brother Season 24 has just begun, which means nearly three months of family headliners, guest nominees, veto winners, and maybe even an unexpected surprise or two. There’s a lot to fiddle around with over the course of the season, and even the most ardent fan of the game is bound to miss a moment or two without checking the livestream spoilers every now and then for updates.

For those who lack time for passion Follow the live broadcast With them Paramount + subscriptionFor anyone who just needs an all-season reference, consider this definitive weekly guide to all things related Big brother Season 24. Starting in the last week, this will serve as a record of all the main events in the house, with links to More detailed details From alliances, confrontations, or other moments that people might have missed even before it officially aired, so beware of spoilers. In the end, only one will join the Long list of winnersSo let’s dive in and look at where things are now.

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First week (July 6) Daniel is the head of the family

  • nominated: Michael Brunner and Terrence Higgins
  • Behind the scenes Boss: Joe Pucciarelli “Bush”
  • Backstage ticket holders: Brittany Hobbs, Alyssa Snyder and Paloma Aguilar
  • I played for a veto: to be announced later on
  • won the veto: to be announced later on
  • The veto was used on: to be announced later on
  • Candidates after the veto: to be determined and TBD
  • eviction: to be announced later on
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