Shakira’s brother opened up to her about Pique’s night life

Shakira‘s very public separation from Gerard Pique continues to play out in the press, even over a month after the couple announced their split.

Disputes over the custody of their children are now set to unfold, with the Colombian singer desperate to leave Barcelona and to move to Miami in order to be closer to her family and to enjoy her new life post-Pique.

Things haven’t been easy, and Informalia are now reporting that Shakira‘s brother, Tony ‘Tonino’ Mebarak, was never fond of the Barcelona defender during the 12-year relationship.

The outlet have reported that Tonino was one of the first people to notice that Pique‘s behaviour wasn’t quite right given the seriousness of their relationship, and he was less than impressed by the footballer’s habits of spending nights out and living a life completely removed from his long-term partner.

Tonino is considered by many to be Shakira‘s right-hand man, and the pair have a very close relationship. He even manages some aspects of her life.

He is the person that the singer goes to to confide in when she is struggling the most, and she likely opened up to him first about all of the problems she had been having with Pique.

Shakira and Tonino are half-siblings, as the singer herself is the only child of her parents’ marriage, with her other siblings all being from her father’s first marriage.


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