Shakira’s mother is hopeful: Of course I would like my daughter and Pique to get back together

Shakira’s mother, Nidia Ripoll, has confessed that she would be happy if her daughter reconciled with Gerard Pique after the highly publicised break-up.

Since the couple separated, the mother of the Colombian had not made any statement on the matter, keeping her distance from her daughter’s sentimental life, until now.

“Of course I would like them to get back together,” she told Europa Press.

She was also asked about Shakira‘s decision to move to Miami with the children. However, on this occasion she was a little more elusive on the subject.

“I have no idea, I haven’t talked about it,” she said.

Shakira’s father is feeling better

On her husband’s health, she explained that he is improving from the fall he suffered and for which he had to be hospitalised.

“He is there, improving day by day, thanks to God. I hope he can be discharged this month,” she said.

Concerned about her father’s condition, Shakira dedicated a beautiful post to him on Instagram.

“You taught us to get up after every fall and this time we know you will do it again,” read the text that accompanied Shakira’s post.


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