The Terminal List author responds to all the negative reviews of Chris Pratt’s new Amazon series

While Amazon Prime Day deals might be the big thing subscribers are excited about this month, the new series station list He had also made a splash since he reached the streaming device. The Chris Pratt-managed star can be seen with an Amazon Prime Video subscription, and has already become #1. That is it, at least with its author and fans.

Much has already been written about Chris Pratt’s new Amazon original series, but one of the big points the show and its participants have tried to make is that station list He is rooted and realistic in his work. Although critics apparently did not find this endearing, landing the show in the splat area, the Rotten Tomatoes scores from the audience Much healthier, coming in at 94%. According to former Navy SEAL and author Jack Carr, this has to do with the current political climate and how it affects things like our entertainment. He said:

It fits perfectly with everything I understand about the current culture and climate in America right now. It seems to have raised quite a few of these critics.

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