DiGiorno Giving Away Pizza Inspired Ice Cream for National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day approaches on Saturday, July 17, and while you probably wouldn’t think of pizza on National Ice Cream Day, DiGiorno is shaking expectations with a unique way to celebrate the delicious holiday—for a lucky few. On National Ice Cream Day, DiGiorno serves up Croissant Crust ice cream cones but that’s not the case. They’ve also combined with a Cleveland-based creamer to make two flavors of delicious ice cream to create the ultimate in ice cream pizza.

According to DiGiorno, the pizza brand has transformed the flaky, buttery layers of its best-selling Crust croissant into ready-made ice cream cones that can be topped with delicious ice cream flavors: strawberry, tomato, basil, and Parmesan cheese. Strawberry Tomato Basil is described as combining the refreshing sweetness of tomato and strawberry jam with notes of herbs and pepper while Parmesan cheese is pretty much what the name implies—an ice cream flavor that celebrates cheese, just like pizza.

“We always try to think outside the box, listen to pizza lovers and push the boundaries to meet demand,” said Kimberly Holuyak, DiGiorno Brand Manager at Nestlé. Enjoy the delicious taste of the Digiorno croissant crust they know and love.”

While DiGiorno Crust cones and signature ice cream seem like a very creative way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, these desserts won’t be widely available. Instead, DiGiorno is dumping them. People can go to KeepLifeDelicious.com And enter to win a special package that includes two croissant cones, a pint of strawberry basil ice cream, a pint of Parmesan cheese ice cream, and a grocery card for toppings of your choice.

What do you think of pizza-inspired ice cream? Croissant crust cones? Are you going to win? Let us know in the comments!

National Pizza Day is Saturday 17th July.


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