Trailer Said: Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Abuse Film with Carey Mulligan

Harvey Weinstein’s projection is sought in the first trailer for “She Said,” a dramatic adaptation of Megan Toohy and Judy Kantor’s book. The two journalists reignited the #MeToo movement with their New York Times presentation of the Hollywood film producer, which included the first wave of sexual harassment and abuse allegations against him. It stars Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan as journalists.

The official summary of Universal Pictures’ “She Said” read: “Twice Academy Award-nominated Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan play New York Times reporters Megan Toohy and Judy Kantor, who together shattered one of the most important stories of a generation – the story that helped drive the #movement. MeToo, you broke decades of silence on the topic of sexual assault in Hollywood and changed American culture forever.”

Weinstein was eventually sentenced to 23 years in prison for third-degree sexual assault and rape.

“She’s Happy” is directed by Maria Schrader, whose credits include the limited Netflix series “Unconventional”. Rebecca Lenkiewicz (“Ida”, “Colette”) adapted the script. Joining Mulligan and Kazan on the cast are Patricia Clarkson, Andre Prager, Samantha Morton, Jennifer Ely, Tom Belfry, and Adam Shapiro.

The trailer finds Kantor in Kazan on a mission to assess sexual harassment across business sectors and discover that business is rife with misconduct and criminal assault. Combined with Twohey, women must use all their reporting muscle and knowledge to convince traumatized women across multiple generations to do the impossible—speak formally and expose “systems that protect abusers,” as Kazan character puts it.

“She Said” is set to open in theaters on November 18 from Universal Pictures. Watch the first trailer below.

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