5 bold predictions for the Open Championship weekend

Cameron Smith (Photo by Harry He/Getty Images)

Cameron Smith sits atop the British Open leaderboard but there are still 36 holes left and we have bold predictions for the Open Championship weekend.

Now is the time to really start the Open Championship. We got through the first 36 holes uphill at the British Open, with slow play being one of the unfortunate accounts of the first two days at St Andrews. But now with the cut taking place, it’s time to decide who will be this year’s golf champion.

Cameron Smith shot the championship round so far on Friday to jump top spot at the World Open, sitting 13th underground and a two-stroke ahead of Cameron Young and by three strokes over Victor Hovland and a young boy. His name is Rory McIlroy (you may have heard of him).

With a loaded leaderboard, we’re gearing up for an epic weekend at the Old Course. So let’s dive into what could happen in the last 36 holes with bold predictions for the British Open and what will happen this weekend.

British Open: Bold predictions for the weekend’s Open in St Andrews

5. Cameron Smith did not win the British Open

What Cameron Smith did on Friday in St Andrews was absolutely amazing. He played a pure round of golf on the scorecard, flirting with a record and finishing with a score of 64 put him 13th under the title and solidly in the lead with a two-stroke advantage over Cameron Young.

He’s in the driver’s seat and the favorite to win. However, this will not happen.

Smith’s tour was exceptionally supported by his status. per golf dataOn Friday, Smith took a throwaway 6.20 and set the record for most distance shots taken on the tour since 2004.

This is not sustainable at all. Even for the best putter in golf, Smith can’t keep up and the rest of his game hasn’t been that intense. He failed to get more than 0.95 hits on Friday with any other part of his game. If the racket drops to the ground even a little – and it will – he will be caught and will not be able to fend off opponents.

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