9 Easter eggs you don’t want to miss

the new vampire The show on Netflix may or may not be worth watching depending on who you ask since the Rotten Tomatoes score keeps jumping all over the place, but one thing is for sure if you give it a try: You’ll find plenty of Easter eggs buried inside. Some of these are more obvious and recognizable to anyone who has played Resident Evil games in the past while others consist of deeper cuts that happen so quickly that you might think you were only hearing or seeing things if you didn’t push closely enough.

During our review of vampireWe, too, have been looking for these types of Easter eggs and were pleased to find as many as we did. Regardless of what score you give the show, it’s clear from seeing the Easter eggs that the creators are looking to pull from many of Resident Evil’s past moments that were allowed by the show’s future setting as far as the Resident Evil timeline goes.

With that in mind, below you can see nine of our favorite Easter eggs found throughout the first season of vampire. Some of the things that would be considered Easter eggs are really more like explicit plot points like the pivotal main characters referenced which will likely become more relevant later as the show grows (maybe) thereafter, so we’ve neglected those here in favor of less significant discoveries But it is still interesting. Again, some are more straightforward than others, but be sure to check out the list below before, during, or after watching Season 1 to see if you can spot them all.

Note that these Easter egg discussions naturally contain spoilers for the show that only get worse the further we get into the list since they’re listed in order of appearance, though we’ve blocked out some later spoilers for those who might not have gotten that far yet. If your favorite Easter egg is on this list or not here at all, be sure to let us know in the comments.

The Grave Digger Worm – Episode 1

Resident-evil-worm.  jpg
(Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX)

In the first episode of vampireWe see Jade Wesker’s version more in the future narrowly escaping the horde of zombies who have followed her to her camp. When everything seems to calm down, the ground shakes, and a giant mutated knuckle explodes from the ground giving Jade one last threat to confront.

It’s a moment that shows the scope of the problems survivors face, but also seems to be a callback to a former gaming enemy called the “Grave Digger”. It originally existed Resident Evil 3: EnemyAnd, while it’s not quite the same here on the show, it’s a close enough boom that it’s possible that this is what the creators were doing while still doing their own thing. You will see this method of interpretation several times throughout the course of the show.

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The Mutant Dog and the Spider – Episodes 1 and 3

Resident Evil dog.  jpg
(Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX)

These are two different types of Easter eggs found in separate episodes, but since they all have the same goal of reconnecting regular, recurring enemies from games, we’ve combined them into one Easter egg here. vampire It features a mutated dog in episode one and a mutated spider in episode three with the former being a more central plot device while the latter again serves as a reference for enemies from previous games.

Resident-evil-spider.  jpg
(Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX)

As Resident Evil players know, mutated dogs are abundant and troublesome across a number of games due to their erratic behavior and tendencies toward jump scares. Spiders are not uncommon, but they are still not boss-level enemies. Found in Resident Evil 0And, like the show, they tend to settle in sewers adding a nice, thoughtful touch whenever they appear on the show.

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Likers Episode 3


Again, this is one of the more obvious ones, but what list of Easter eggs would be complete without a mention of one of the most threatening creatures from the Resident Evil bestiary?

Lakers, for starters, are humans who have gone through such severe mutations that they look even more deformed compared to normal zombies. They have neither skin nor eyes which makes for a great scene when you come across them in situations like the actors on the show, they hunt through sound and through the use of their tongues which can easily cause people to snatch and snatch them away. shadows.

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Hydra Shotgun – Episode 3

resident evil hydra.png

This is one of those things that might stick in your head as something you know you saw somewhere even if you can’t tell where it came from. In the third episode – the same episode with the Lickers – a bald, tattooed character who accompanies Jade and her companions through the sewers is armed with a weapon to fend off the Lickers. It has proven to be somewhat ineffective, but it is a neat find for those who love it Resident Evil 5.

Based on the gun’s appearance and functionality alone, it appears to be a hydra gun. This was a weapon that appeared in Resident Evil 5 It was a triple-barreled rifle that players could acquire and upgrade during playtime. His name is never mentioned in the show, but it is a very clear reference to this weapon.

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The Chainsaw Man – Episode 4

Resident Evil Chainsaw man.jpg
(Photo: Marcus Cruz/Netflix)

In one of the coolest Easter eggs to be found in Resident Evil, we see at one point a character holding a chainsaw with a bag over her head. It takes place in Episode IV during a tense moment as Jade and her reluctant partner Baxter are trapped in a prison by a religious cult.

‘Saw Man’ as he has been called over the years is the most famous of Resident Evil 4 Where he wears a burlap bag of some sort on his head just like he does here on the show. One of the main differences here is that although zombies are infested inside the prison, the coordination and response of this character indicates that he is a person and not a member of the zombie. However, it’s one of the more obvious Easter eggs you’ll find on the show, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

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Red9 – Episode 4

Resident Evil Red 9.jpg
(Photo: Marcus Cruz/Netflix)

Another Easter egg from the same episode as Chainsaw Guy is the appearance of another weapon from the Resident Evil arsenal. Once we find out that Baxter isn’t a clown as his character’s behavior has previously suggested, we see a Umbrella worker pull out two guns before he starts to unload on some zombies. It’s one of the show’s most action-packed moments, made even better by looking closely at the weapons.

Judging from the unique shape of the weapon and especially its longer barrel, it looks like these are definitely Red9s like the ones seen in Resident Evil 4. The Red9 is a favorite among many handgun options in the Resident Evil 4so it’s a welcome sight for those familiar with the game.

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Typewriter / Safe Room – Episode 4

Resident-evil-typewriter.  jpg

In another Easter egg found in the fourth episode of vampire Showing, we see Jade finally get a moment of peace away from the zombies. It’s not a happy moment considering how terrible things look, but it is a moment for viewers to notice two interesting pieces: a safe room and a typewriter.

The safe room – where players can know they’re safe from zombies until they’re out again – can be identified by the heavy door with iron bars on the windows. When Jade collapses in defeat, we see a short shot of a typewriter sitting at a desk. Typewriters were historically used to save games inside these safe rooms in previous Resident Evil games.

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P30 – Episode 7

Later in the show, we see Albert Wesker Lance Riddick Requests an update on something referred to as a chest-mounted device. It’s a one-time line that you’d miss if you weren’t paying attention, but given the timeline set during this scene, it seems to refer to the P30 used to control Jill Valentine.

This particular scene happened in 2005, but we didn’t learn about the impact of the P30 on a generation until 2009 in Resident Evil 5. The video above shows the full fight against Jill during that game as it was revealed that the device has been used on it for years. Given the gap between scene and view and Resident Evil 5It makes sense that this is the device Wesker was referring to.

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The Moving Crocodile – Episode 8

Resident Evil Crocodile.  jpg

You definitely can’t miss the appearance of this creature in vampire Show, but if you haven’t played the previous games, it might sound a little wilder than it really is in the Netflix adaptation. This mutated crocodile was supposed to be the show’s weapon of last resort, but his first appearance in games was much different.

in Resident Evil 2, the crocodile, like the spider referred to earlier, was the result of mutations caused by Umbrella’s mishandling of the t-Virus. Found in the sewers of Raccoon City as well, it was one of the most atypical moments in the game compared to the normal zombie threats that players faced. It’s definitely not the same crocodile seen on the show, but the creators could have chosen any type of animal and still chose an alligator, so again, the implications here are clear.




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