Netflix’s Resident Evil earns the best Rotten Tomatoes franchise score in years

there is new vampire A TV show on Netflix as of this week, and in case you haven’t watched it, it’s the highest-scoring Rotten Tomatoes for the Resident Evil franchise in years. naysayers will say that’s not a high standard, but when looking at degrees of excellence in general, these guys wouldn’t be entirely wrong either. Netflix vampire It continues to fluctuate between 58% and 60% which puts it close to the minimum required to be “new” to the overall review platform..

This is according to the current classification of rotten tomatoesAnd it can change dramatically throughout the day. When this article started, it was 60%, but before publishing, it’s down again to 58%. These numbers are only the average rating from critics as well, with a user score being roughly 30% less tolerant of the display’s deficiencies.

Riding the streak of being new or spoiled might not be where any new show or movie would want to be in the Rotten Tomatoes ratings, but when you look at previous Resident Evil projects, it’s not a bad place. before that vampire Came live action movie premiere Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City which settled at 30% of critics. Just before that was the TV show Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Which came in a little higher at 50%. The only scores that were higher than the new vampire View on Netlix There was a 100% rated 2012 movie Resident Evil: Condemnation It has a 67% rating given to the 2008 movie Resident Evil: Decadence.

Given that the latest multiplication result resident evil In 2012, it’s true to say the best score Resident Evil has had for film or television in a decade. It’s also worth noting that the show just came out on Thursday, and while reviews of the show (like the one we saw here) came out earlier, we’ll likely see that number fluctuate more as additional reviews come in.

resident evil Season 1 is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix. While we check it out, you can read our conversation with Lance Reddick who portrays Albert Wesker in the Netflix series.



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