Street Fighter 6 includes a feature that only appears during perfect victories

althoug Street Fighter 6 The devs said they’ll be going dark for a while to work on the game more before showing it again, and we’re still seeing bits and pieces of the game. Street Fighter 6 It was revealed through various events and presentations. One such feature was revealed just this week during Japan Expo 2022 where it was confirmed that fighters will get a unique victory animation that only those who have achieved (or are a victim of) a perfect victory will see.

Matthew Edwards, Brand Director of Capcom Europe, shared a clip this week showing the victory celebrations at work. Edwards said that he watched someone achieve a perfect win during a fight which meant he defeated his opponent without doing him any damage. After asking the player to repeat the process so they can be seen again, Edwards shared the clip below for all to see.

This particular celebration stands out for Luke “from the TikTok generation,” according to Edwards, but even if you’re not a big fan of Luke, it has more exciting implications behind it. Since Luke has one, that means other fighters do as well, which means players have these things to look forward to when watching perfect wins from the entire roster.

We’ll see the celebrations Street Fighter 6 Fighters flaunting their perfect victories is just one of the many features we’ve already seen confirmed for the new game. While this feature will appear at the end of the battles, Capcom has already confirmed another interesting feature that will only be seen before matches. The jokes are also back with another new twist, and based on some of the newest gameplay seen (which will likely be supplemented by whatever comes out of the Japan Expo 2022), it looks like battle damage is back in the franchise, too.

Street Fighter 6 It’s slated to release on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms sometime in 2023, but a specific release date hasn’t been set yet.


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