The meaning of “feathered Indians” has been explored in the trends of Tyler Childers’ songs on Twitter

One of the most famous tracks of country star, musician, and songwriter Tyler Childers is certainly the Feathered Indians.

Childers released the single in 2017 as part of his album Purgatory but some fans are still curious to find more about the background and the meaning of the lyrics.

Let’s dive into the lyrics as the track has caught the spotlight on Twitter.

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Exploring the meaning of “Indian feathers”

The Feathered Indians depicts a passionate love story between Tyler and a partner the musician once knew.

according to sharpenThe song title refers to Tyler’s belt buckle imprints on the thighs of his lover during a passionate embrace. The musician was famous for rocking the belt of Red Man Chewing Tobacco and that was before Projection Feathered Indian belt buckles as part of official merchandise.

sings in the track:

Well, my buckle makes impressions
From the inside of her thigh
There are few feathered Indians
Where we wrestled through the night

Then the words indicate that the woman has religious views and does not always agree with Tyler’s customs.

The musician sings in one part: “If I had known that she was religious, I would not have been stoned. To the house of such an angel, it is very convenient for me to come home.

Tyler and his religious partner “look at West Virginia, smoke spirits on the roof” while singing afterwards: “I asked no one tell you, things are bad for you.”

The third clip of the track indicates that the romance between Tyler and his partner did not work out and that the couple had split up forever.

Photo by Mark Salioko/Getty Images

Feathered Indians have been trending on Twitter in recent days and many fans can’t get the track out of their minds.

“There is always something about feathered Indians that always brings me back to a happy place in my life,” reaction One person.

“The Feathered Indians is one of my favorite songs right now,” someone else Wrote.

third fan added: “I really love Feathered Indians by Tyler Childers. It’s my go-to for when I need to re-center for some reason.”

Went the platinum track

The track was released in August 2017 and went to gold in February 2020 before moving to platinum in September 2020.

On May 26, 2022, the Feathered Indians went double platinum. Childers’ other fan favorites like Lady May, Whitehouse Road, and All Your’n, all went Platinum.

On top of that, Tyler’s Purgatory album went gold, so it’s only a matter of time until it goes platinum too!

Good luck Jerry | Official Announcement



Good luck Jerry | Official Announcement





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