Keisha Talks About Her Discovery + Ghost Hunting Series Evokes Keisha And Hopes To Recruit Nicolas Cage For Season Two

Throughout her music career, Kesha has shown herself to be innovative and dynamic, with her evolution as a performer, seeing her tackle new and unexpected styles with each release. Not only does she defy definition when it comes to her musical style, but her personal pursuits also break expectations. In 2020, I launched a podcast Quiche and crepeswhere she explored all kinds of supernatural themes, with the pop star immersed in the unknown even further through the Discovery + series. juggling keisha. Rather than simply discussing supernatural topics, she and her guests have reached the front lines of infamous locations to uncover the truth behind the mysterious stories. juggling keisha streaming now Discover +.

Throughout the season, Keisha dives headfirst into mysteries ranging from demonic activity at Brushy Mountain State Prison with comedian Whitney Cummings to hiking deep in the forests of Mount Shasta in California in search of Bigfoot with The bachelorette The star, Jojo Fletcher. Keisha and ex-tourist Betty confront their fears at a haunted opera house in Keisha’s home state of Tennessee; It turns actor and rapper GaTa into a complete believer in one of the most haunted mansions on the West Coast. Keisha and legendary supermodel Karen Elson become the first to be photographed inside an active and haunted inn linked to the notorious secret society, Strange Fellows. It also takes the renegade rap queen, Big Freedia, on the final ghost hunt at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Tennessee. caught up with Kesha to talk about her personal experiences, the impact of the series on her personal life, and the desire to bring Nicolas Cage on for a potential 2 season.

(Photo: Discovery +) I’ve seen my fair share of ghost hunting investigation series and paranormal series, I’ve seen it all, and I’m not just coming to terms with saying it’s my new favorite ghost hunting show. I’ve never seen a ghost hunting show that includes dialogue like, “F-ck you demon, f-ck you ghost. I’m going home and getting the milkshake.”

Keisha: This sums up my experience at “Bloody” Brushy [Mountain State Penitentiary].

I wanted to thank you for bringing this show to the universe, because I feel I had to convince many people, “Kesha has a new discovery + show and she hunts ghosts in it and she really does ghost hunt.”

It really is.

I know you said on the show and in other interviews that you’ve felt like you’ve had supernatural experiences since you were a kid, but when you’re a kid, you don’t quite know, “Is this the paranormal or is this something other people experience? Is this weird?” Do you remember the first time? The one you had when you were younger, which felt like, “This is weird. This is a ghost, this is something supernatural going on”?

Oh, sure. I remember being at my house in Nashville when I was maybe five years old and I was sitting in the living room and I saw this light. It felt unthreatening, and it felt like an angelic energy, but it just came through the window and intuitively… My grandmother had passed away a year and a half before that, and I knew it was her. I remember thinking like, “Oh, hello Grandma.” And he just came through the window and stood in the window, and to my understanding, I don’t really participate in organized religion, but he was an angel. He was an angel. Her spirit would come to greet me and reassure me, reminding me that she was still there.

This is definitely one of the most reassuring instances of meeting a ghost, spirit or angel than others have encountered. It’s great that you had such a positive experience when you were young. Since you had contact and had these experiences, do you feel that your actual judgment of whether ghosts or spirits were real before the show versus afterward was different? Did making the show change your mind about all of that?

I’ll say this: Making this show really changed my entire life, because I’ve had these paranormal experiences and I think intuitively I knew they were real, but I also wondered if other people had these experiences or, if I talked about them, I’m crazy and felt very marginal. I started a podcast called Quiche and crepesthen evolved into juggling keisha. But when I was talking to a parapsychologist, there was this woman from Edinboro and she was telling me that one in four people had a supernatural experience and that one in two people was involved in the supernatural, whether they knew it or not. If you are praying, you are participating in a supernatural ritual. In this community, it’s really interesting to me that there are some acceptable and less marginal things that we can talk about that are involved in the paranormal and the paranormal, but then there are the other things that get you and make you feel like you’re crazy.

I wanted to bridge the gap and experience everything the universe wanted to send me on this journey of my TV show. It was really fun, it was really scary, it was really fun, it was really amazing. It was very existential to me, too. But, at the end of the day, at the end of the show, I realized that there are a lot of happenings that we can’t see, that we can’t understand, and that got me so excited because I feel, as a human, there are times we think we’ve all figured out. Working, earning money and all that is the purpose of this life and there are so many things going on actively which made me very excited and revitalized my lust for life.

It’s interesting and important how you talk about just experiencing these things and talking about these things with other people makes it seem like a marginal thing, or maybe you’re too cranky to believe in ghosts or what you have, and there are a lot of people out there who don’t believe. There is so much out there, whether it be aliens or deathmans, there is so much in this world of the paranormal. Do you feel that if you are committed to being open to ghosts, you have to accept the existence of these other things, perhaps far-fetched things, or do you say, “I believe in ghosts because I’ve experienced them but maybe the ottomans aren’t real”?

I guess I always knew there was energy, right? They are the laws of physics. There is energy, everything is made up of energy, so this is not crazy. This is science. And then, when you start to have experiences, once you experience something in person, it’s a bit more affirmation, because you can talk about it or even watch it on TV, and it can seem a little crazy or cranky, but then once you feel Or you experience something, it becomes more real.

Once I started to experience more and more on this TV show and put myself in these historically very active locations, I realized I knew nothing, so who am I to say that Mothman exists or doesn’t exist? I know there are many different creatures and multidimensional beings and we may all talk about the same thing with a different name or there may be many different types of energies, creatures, and beings that we can’t understand because we can. t understand all dimensions.

I went into the episode with Jojo Fletcher on Mount Shasta like, “I don’t know anything about that Bigfoot guy. I’m open to it, and it sounds fun, but I don’t really know if I’m buying something with the big foot.” I left quite convinced that it was too naive, ambitious and short-sighted of me, for who am I to say what is or is not in the universe when there are so many unexplainable energies, souls, things and situations? I’m not here to say whether it exists or not. I decided specifically during that episode that I just wanted to experience it, whatever the universe wants for me to be, so I’m not one to say that anything is or isn’t.

All I know is that I’m totally open to the possibility of all of that. I think it is short-sighted to say that there is absolutely nothing.

With the great places you go in season 1 and the awesome guests you have, if there’s season 2, do you have a dream guest you’d like to bring with you or your dream location would you love to get to?

There is a couple. There is one place in Alaska called Red Onion which is a haunted bar and salon, and for some reason, this location was calling me. Like, it’s been a year. It keeps popping up in my mind in conversation, and the catacombs of Paris.

Regarding the guest, God, I have a wish list, but I would say my friend Nicolas Cage will definitely be at the top of the list because he can conjure up something strange among our energies. Also on my dream list, I think Cardi B and I will have the best time.

Involve me. If I can start or crowdfund a second season, and only you, Cardi B, and Nicolas Cage are going to the Paris Catacombs, you have my money.

I love that. I hope everyone likes it because my goal in this life now, after doing the first season of the show, is that I want to be Anthony Bourdain from Supernatural.

I love him. You have my full support.

We can all show energy.

If you need a photographer to join you and Nick and Cardi in the catacombs, I’ll make some space in my schedule.

come on, let’s go.

I’d like to say, thank you, not only for this series, but I’d also like to thank “Die Young” because this is a go-to karaoke song for me.

You will have to send me a video of it.

naturally. I still hope there will be an episode of juggling keishawhere she walks around and turns to the camera and says, “Something tells me these spirits…young are dead.”

My God. Well, season two, I got you.

juggling keisha streaming now Discover +.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. You can communicate Patrick Kavanaugh live on Twitter.



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