After the Sex Pistols: 7 Teams That Should Have a Resume Drama Series Like a Pistol

In the May 2022, FX-produced biographical series, pistol, He debuted and quickly took Hulu subscribers on a thrilling adventure that was a one-part crash course in the early British punk rock movement and one part erotic drama about misguided youth who find their own voices. After checking out director Danny Boyle’s treatment of sex pistols and the youth movement in London in the mid to late 1970s, I couldn’t help but think of other bands that I thought would benefit from such treatment.

However, I’ve compiled a list of seven bands that would make their antics (both on and off stage) great TV, especially if they were told by a group of talented actors like pistol ejaculate. We’re short on time and plenty of great and infamous business to cover, so let’s start this show down the road…

(Image credit: Chrysalis Chronicles)


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