How is Albert Wesker still alive

One of the biggest questions Resident Evil fans have in regards to the Netflix TV series is how Albert Wesker is somewhat alright! For viewers of the show who have little or no knowledge of gaming, this won’t mean much. However, in games, one of the most recognizable Resident Evil characters is Albert Wesker. Aside from main heroes like Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, Wesker is a diabolical villain who causes a lot of violence and mayhem. It’s a very important part of the Resident Evil lore and has important ties to the Umbrella umbrella, some of which appear in this particular show.

However, Wesker died fighting Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5. After being exposed to a strain of parachute virus, Wesker mutated and became a giant disgusting monster which allowed him to stand his last in a volcano. Drowning in a thick pool of lava, he makes one last attempt to take Redfield with him, but with Shiva’s help, Heroes wipe him out with missiles. If he survived the explosion of the rocket, he was surely killed by the lava itself after Chris and Shiva escaped. So, how is he surviving on the TV series? Well, it’s not… technically.

The original Albert Wesker cloned himself without Umbrella’s direct consent. This caused all kinds of problems, resulting in Wesker killing one of his clones while escaping from the Umbrella agents. The clones were made to be super-intelligent and live up to around 20 years old six months after birth in order to effectively carry out his performances. The real Albert Wesker is dead, just as we saw her in him Resident Evil 5.

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Umbrella makes a deal with Wesker that we see on the show to give him real life in exchange for his knowledge and sanity, essentially making him the smartest guy in the company. However, Wesker’s rapid aging caused problems within his body, causing him to fall into a fatal illness if not treated properly. To deal with that, he raised two daughters and regularly uses their blood to help his condition.

There is also another version called Bert which is a more child-like version of Wesker. He is incredibly effective in handling combat and very intelligent, but he lacks social skills. He not only behaves like a child, but, as evidenced by a scene in the olive garden, does not know how to behave with or interact with other people.

With all that said, Albert Wesker isn’t really alive, at least not the one we know. So, for anyone expecting him to appear in games again after that, you probably shouldn’t unless Capcom finds a different way to revive him. It’s an interesting way to bring back a beloved character while giving it a new twist, but the show had a mixed public reception from critics and fans alike.

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