WWE report gives update on Bayley and SummerSlam

WWE fans are eagerly awaiting Bayley’s return, and the latest updates regarding her comeback have been rare but promising. It looks like she’s been training a bit in order to get back in the ring, and now there’s a chance to appear at SummerSlam. New report from PWIInsider Bayley says he’s scheduled to be in Nashville for SummerSlam weekend. Now, that doesn’t mean she’s going to make her TV show comeback for the show, but a SummerSlam comeback would make a lot of sense and ensure huge pop hits from audiences when her music hits.

Hopefully you’ll be in the mix at SummerSlam, because it will instantly create many new matches surrounding the title image on Raw or SmackDown. More than raw, Bianca Belair is still the Raw Women’s Champion in a feud with Carmella and Becky Lynch, the latter of which is likely what happens at SummerSlam.

Meanwhile at SmackDown, Liv Morgan is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion and will face Ronda Rousey for the title at SummerSlam. Both shows could use Bayley again in the mix to introduce some new matches, and Bayley and Belair were competing when Bayley was injured, so he could pick up where he left off on Raw. If SmackDown is the destination, Bayley’s involvement could be a way to preserve the title at Morgan and keep Rousey strong, leading to a brief feud between Rousey and Bayley.

It also depends on whether Bayley is returned as a face or heel. Prior to her injury, Bayley had been doing some pretty awesome work as a heel, and many fans would love to see her return with the same character. Having said that, many said the same thing about Becky Lynch before her comeback, and she eventually ended up doing the same.

We’ll have to wait and see if Bayley makes an appearance at SummerSlam and what she returns to WWE, but if she does return at SummerSlam, we won’t have to wait any longer to find out.

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